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MISSING SINCE SUNDAY 13TH APX 11AM. ROSIE IS A WHITE FEMALE WITH LIGHT BROWN PATCHES ON HER BACK AND HER EARS. SHE IS A MEDIUM SIZE DOG WITH SHORT FUR LAST WEARING A PINK AND WHITE COLLAR-UNLESS ITS SOMEHOW COME OFF SHE HAS A VERY IDENTIFIABLE HEART SHAPED NOSE Last seen along Bramalea Road, north of King between Bramalea and Boston Mills road. I was told by a passerby who saw our missing dog sign, in our front yard, that a young possibly Italian man, in his 20s had taken her to his parents house who live in the surrounding caledon area. We have canvassed many houses in the area and will continue to do more houses in the morning as well as post posters. I Have contacted all animal services in our area and vets to report our dog is missing. If you have any information on where Rosie could be, it would be greatly appreciated.647-216-0309






brown, white,

2020-09-13 00:00:00

Bramalea Road Caledon East, ON L7C 2R5

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(647) 216-0309

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