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tan, white,

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C-C Miller


(403) 345-3582


This Is a long shot but so worth it!! Our Oli went missing from our farm. He is a very friendly, inquisitive 1 yr old orange tabby, white chest and paws and patterned as in pics. He is a very curious boy and not afraid of loud noises/equip running even. Hearing issue? We have searched everywhere, Ditches, equip, every building and no sign of him . (We have 6 other cats ranging from 18yrs old, 15, 14 ...so disappearing is unusual as they all have their beds and house) We had some ppl and semis here and question if he ‘hitched’ a ride and jumped out somewhere along the way. He has a small tattoo in his ear also to id him. He’s an avid hunter and don’t doubt he’ll survive that way. He could be injured and anywhere from the country roads of Readymade to Coaldale I’m guessing. His sister and us miss him and hope he can find his way home. plz call 403-345-3582 if you see him. Thx

2020-09-04 00:00:00

Coaldale, AB T1M

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