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My cat Stella is an indoor/outdoor cat. We live off Lacewood Drive in the briarwood crescent/briar place area. She comes home multiple times a day to eat and she’s back on her way. She hasn’t been home now since Thursday and I am concerned someone has brought her inside. She is very friendly, often visiting neighbours on their deck and greeting people at their doorstep. She is wearing a white flea collar but unfortunately lost her name tag collar last week. Name: Stella Age: 7 Gender: female Spayed/neutered: fixed Indoor/outdoor cat: indoor/outdoor Town + address or street/cross street: briar place. Corner of lacewood and bayview. (Maybe) Phone: 902-308-9070 Hair/coat (long, short, colour): long haired calico Friendly or skittish: very friendly Specific features (scars, ear notch, birthmarks, shaved areas from vet etc): white flea collar






brown, grey-silver, white,

2020-08-27 00:00:00

briar place. Corner of lacewood and bayview

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