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brown, white,

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Lost cat - Still issing Mishka went missing on April 1st of this year near Royal York Rd & Bloor St in the west end of Toronto - She's a 9 year old spayed female cat - White/brown tabby mix (white belly, paws and face/brown, black & orange tabby stripes on the back and tail) - Has a distinctive small white patch on the back - Light green upturned eyes Mainly indoor cat who rarely ventured past her backyard Shy and wary of strangers Should be wearing a red collar with a City of Toronto licence tag Thought to be in the nearby area of Royal York/Bloor, but could also be anywhere in the city Might have gotten lost or hungry and accidentally taken in by someone or possibly lost her collar and mistaken for a stray She is extremely loved and missed :( There is a reward offered! No questions asked If she's found, seen or if you have any information please call 647 667 4792 or 416 695 8540.Thank you!

2020-04-01 00:00:00

Royal York Rd & Bloor St West End of Toronto

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