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Missing Black cat her name is Blacky, she is 14 years old, female, all black except a few white whiskers due to aging, yellow-green eyes, small, round head but not overweight (has excess skin/small pouch due to being spayed years ago). She has a microchip that can identify her. When she is hungry or friendly, she makes a chirping sound but can make a real meow if desperate. She responds to a high-pitched, happy call of "Blacky" and kissing noises. She is afraid of cages, cat carriers, cars, lawnmowers, and anything very loud. She likes cat treats (Temptations), fish from a can, and regular dry cat food. She was lost on September 8th, 2020 at 5 am. She slipped in between my mom's legs when she was taking out the cat litter to the garbage can. We just moved into a new house and she does not know the area. We believe she is in the Alwington Avenue - Pembroke Street area, but she could have gone further. Please help us! We are so terribly sad that she is not with us right now. If you find her, please call 613-389-1488 or 613-929-8454.







2020-09-08 00:00:00

Alwington Avenue - Pembroke Street Kingston, ON

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Alison MacNeil


(613) 389-1488

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