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black, grey-silver, white,

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(438) 523-2106


Hello everyone I am so sad to say this but I lost my cat Tom his not any cat his not just a pet his my emotional support animal I lost him two days he went out and we’ve been looking for him for two days straight and not found yet some neighbors said they’ve seen him roaming around Anjou street Baldwin and that’s where I live Pls if you have seen him or anything and found him his name is Tom he looks like this And I am willing to give 150$ to who ever brings him back home to me safe and healthy pls I am depressed stressed and I haven’t moved out of my room for almost 3 days now I have hard time doing anything Pls if u care and thank you Call in 4385232106

2020-09-05 00:00:00

Anjou street Baldwin Montréal, QC H1K 3B5, Canada

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