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Pet vs Human food ?

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Suzanne Reilley
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Is feeding your cat human food (exclusively) ok for their health or does cat food have 'special' mixes with various proteins or minerals that they need for a balanced diet ? I was thinking of switching to human food (chicken breasts, broccoli, rice, lamb.....). Would this affect my cat's health in a negative way ? 

vanessa perreault
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Most commercially made pet food provide the basic nutrients for your cat or dog. I would however highly recommend examining the ingredience for “fillers”, like water, excess cereal and grains, bone and even “ash” - caused by the actual pet food making process - which, when consumed in excess, leads to premature kidney failure in cats.

If you feed your cat dry food on a daily basis, choose a brand that has an “ash” content of 5% or less and FEED THE CAT NO MORE THAN 2 1/2 OUNCES OF IT PER DAY (as its first, morning meal, with 2- 2 1/2 ounces of good-quality canned food as its second, evening meal).

Sometime ago, I was also looking into making my cats a home made recipe. I found the following online and have been using it in addition to the commercially available cat foods (I find that the best quality cat food is "Fromm", grassland is also very good but my cats don't like it. 


  • 2–3 Pounds combined Chicken Hearts, Livers & Gizzards, coarselyground . This will help with their teeth. 
  • 2 Chicken Necks, also coarsely ground (for calcium)
  • 3–4 Beaten Eggs (medium to large)
  • 12 oz (or so) total, Minced (or ground) Vegetables
    (such as peas and/or squash and/orbroccoli and/or carrots and/or spinach, beets, etc) … NO ONIONS OR GARLIC!
  • 1+1/3 Cups Water

Combine all above ingredients into large pot
Cover and heat on medium-high-heat burner until it begins to cook. Then, ….
Reduce burner to keep the meats/water/ (vegetables/eggs) at a simmer for 35 minutes while covered

Break up the fully-cooked mixture with a large wooden fork or wooden spoon (it will have cooked-together/congealed, somewhat).
Allow to cool to almost room temperature, then package into small, individual, plastic, lidded containers and store in freezer. Move a container to the ‘fridge-section to thaw the day-prior, as needed.


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isnt cat can eat cat food?