About Us

LostMyPet.ca was founded by Eyal Azerad, a normal citizen and concerned animal lover, who decided to make a difference by helping lost pets find their way home. The goal of LostPet.ca is not to replace other avenues, but to consolidate information and create a free interactive online database for lost and found reports, where pet owners could quickly and efficiently connect with other people, shelters and community agencies.

We hope that shelters and municipalities would also take advantage of the free database to post pictures and information about pets found around the city. Let’s work together and help pets reunite with their families and curtail “kill shelters” from euthanizing pets for the sole reason that they were “left unfound”.

LostMyPet.ca is a completely free service. Our goal is to help animals in distress and offer an outlet for pet owners to find their missing pets.

-Eyal Azerad