Signs of Illness in Pets

Health is just as important for our furry four-legged friends as it is for us – yet you might not know what illness looks like in your pet. Keeping an eye out for signs of illness in your canine or feline may mean the difference between an easily treatable malady becoming a serious illness. So you should take the time to educate yourself!

It’s unfair and unfortunate, but nonetheless a fact of life that your dog or cat will likely become ill at some point. Serious illnesses will require your vet, but minor problems like fleas can be dealt with at home by yourself!

Our pets obviously can’t tell us when they’re sick – not in so many words, at least! But what they can do is demonstrate they are sick through physical behaviours and behavioural changes. That’s why, as a pet owner, you should try to interpret the danger signs and know when to take action. They can’t tell us when something hurts or doesn’t feel good – but owners should be tuned in to their pets enough to know when they are not being their regular selves. Any change in your pet’s behaviour should be a reason to investigate further, and possibly see your vet!

It’s not always easy to discover what’s wrong with your dog or cat. A range of subtle signs often demonstrate the full problem. Whilst it’s not wise to rely on books or internet sites to diagnose your pet (that’s what vets are for) you can at least learn what to look for.

To help you know what to look out for, here are the signs of illness in dogs and cats to watch out for. These behaviours are like ‘red flags’ that should prompt a visit to the vet about your pet’s wellbeing.