Pet Food Anatomy: Seeing Through the Fluff

Our pets are often like part of our family – we care deeply about them, as we care about any loved one! However, unlike our family and friends, we are also in the unique position of being caregivers for our dogs and cats. Like they are our children, we choose what they eat and so, are responsible for their health.

When considering an animal’s health, like a human, the first factor to look at is their diet. It’s absolutely crucial to ensure dogs and cats are eating healthy food – yet despite what many commercials and advertisements tell us, pet-food brands are not always the best choice!

In fact, low grade pet food can be dangerous for animals. Whilst advertisements often show an image of a steak or hearty stew, the reality is far from this. Most low-grade pet food brands mainly contain corn and wheat, which can be incredibly harmful to animals and certainly not nutritionally valuable. Worryingly, many of these ingredients can lead to illnesses like obesity, diabetes, arteritis, chronic skin infections and allergies. Low-grade pet food is cheaply produced and artfully packaged, and has fooled generations of pet-lovers that they shouldn’t be feeding their dogs and cats anything but pet food – when the opposite is true!

Your pet might not understand what’s in their bowl – but you should!